Does linux support DTC 3270 SCSI boards?

Does linux support DTC 3270 SCSI boards?

Post by Kevin Rula » Sat, 13 Nov 1993 04:48:06

I read in the SCSI-Howto that DTC 3270 is a SCSI Host 'that will not work'.

I was wondering if anyone has worked up a driver for this yet.

Kevin Ruland


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Hello! I am desperate need of a driver to allow my DTC 3270 SCSI board
to work with Linux.  Also, I unfortunately own a fine Viper VLB video
board which is also unsupported.  I ran the latest SLACKWare installation
and it too reported that 0 SCSI hosts were detected.  I read the FAQ on
SCSI and it appears that this board is unsupported.  Does anyone
know of any current development efforts? Or does any one have one?

PLEASE help me!  


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