Physical hookup of ftape unit

Physical hookup of ftape unit

Post by Richard L. Goerwi » Sat, 23 Jul 1994 13:25:44

I've read through the HOWTOs and FAQs.  Hmmm.  Is there
a specific arrangement I must use for an ftape unit?  For
example, must I daisy chain it off the floppy controller
as if it were an extra drive, or can I just jumper it as
the b: drive (my system now has only a:) and let it go at



1. Does ftape support 700 Mb units

Ftape support for 120Mb and 250Mb units (Colorado, Iomega etc) is well
documented on my Linux 1.1.59 Slackware 2 system (ftape HOWTO etc.)

My question is,

Does ftape support the new 350 and 700 Mb units and if so which ftape/Linux
versions do I need.

If not I guess I'll have to buy the 250Mb item 'cos I sure can't afford
to buy a DAT (sorry its DDS these days !) tape drive.

Thanks for any info

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