Typeahead problem.

Typeahead problem.

Post by Gregory Gul » Sun, 14 Nov 1993 06:09:10

Several of my users have noticed a typeahead problem in Linux.
For example, if you're logged in at 2400 baud, and bring up
vi (elvis) and start typeing, only about 3 out of 4 characters
will register.  Same thing happens with 'pico' and 'Emacs'

It only seems to lose characters when there are characters
being output, like when the screen is in the process of being

I'm sure the modems are set up right because UUCP on V.32bis
works fine on all ports.

Here's some info about my system:
386DX/40  8M
two STB 4COM cards

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1. Is typeahead loss a generic ksh problem?

We're using the 02/21/85b version of ksh on a VAX 11/750 running MORE/bsd 4.3.
At times ksh will flush typeahead, as shown by the transcript below:

        Script started on Mon May 16 14:11:13 1988
        $ function q {
        >    (echo alpha; sleep 5; echo omega) | awk '{print ; exit}'
        > }
        $ q ; echo hello, world
        hello, world
        $ q
        $ exit

        script done on Mon May 16 14:12:29 1988

I (quickly) typed in the ">>>>"d line above before receiving the ksh "$" prompt;
the input was discarded.

Is this a problem with other versions of ksh?  Is there a known fix?
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