Help, i've read the FAQs!

Help, i've read the FAQs!

Post by bill.sparh.. » Thu, 12 Jan 1995 12:57:55

I would apprecitate it if someone would help me with this problem. I have read
the FAQ's and also EIDE.TXT & README.IDE.  I have also read all the Q&A's
on this list that are applicable.

I installed a WD 540 Meg EIDE drive and an intelligent GSI model 18 secondary
IDE controller board.

Prior to the installation of the controller board (I installed the drive first) Linux
(Slackware 1.1.59) was working properly. I then deleted the partition that Linux
was on and installed the GSI board, hoping to re-partition the drives.  Oh, Oh
bad move.

Linux Fdisk will now not recognize hda or hdb. I tried entering the geometry of
the drives manually by entering the # of cycs, heads and sectors. The informa-
tion is accepted but then I get the following error at the partition check:

hd: controller still busy
hda : reset time out error = 0xff (blah, blah, blah)

The documentation that comes with the GSI board states:  "For UNIX -- that is
for your particular version of UNIX -- you may need to invoke a UNIX-supplied
device driver if you want to use the Model 18 as a Secondary-Address IDE
host adapter."

Any ideas?
Any suggestion?


Bill Sparhawk, Spokane, WA


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