Zmodem problem.

Zmodem problem.

Post by Jaewan K » Fri, 18 Feb 1994 14:42:32

I'm trying to update the rzsz package on my Linux.
I got rzsz9305 + patch to compile on linux, but it doesn't work.
How is that?
Anyone willing to share experiences?

1. ZModem problem

Help.. I've fought this problem for a while and just can not makes heads or
tails of it.

My company installs a lot of turn-key SCO machines. We must be able to log into
them via modem for application software upgrades, repairs, etc... Ever since
version 3.2.4 I've put binaries of SZ and RZ for Zmodem file transfers. When
5.0 came out I got new binaries compiled for that version.. Everything has
worked fine, literally for years.. Until now. The last few machines we've put
together have problems receiving files... RZ with a PC running Procomm sending
a file to the Unix box via modem. Of course we're continually installing newer
versions of SCO, newer hardware drivers files, etc.. I'm really starting to
think some driver is causing this. Here's the scoop:

Pentium 166 let's say.. This problem is on various class machines though.
COM1: serial port built-onto motherboard (ASUS HX Triton chipset board)
Clocked at 38,400bps with a 33.6 modem using CTS/RTS (ORTSFL) flow control.
ASUS SC-200 SCSI-2 card.
Equinox SuperSerial multiport (For some reason I suspect the drivers for this
even though a port on this is NOT what the modem is attached to????)

Anyone else having any kind of a similar problem? Have you tracked it down to
anything yet?

Much thanks in advance!!!

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