Network is unreachable error...

Network is unreachable error...

Post by Matthew G Newcom » Fri, 01 Oct 1993 05:31:39

    The NETWORK IS UNREACHABLE error also occurs when ",bind" is not in
the file /etc/hosts.conf file.
                                        Hope this helps,
                                        * Matt *
PS> I found out about the above the hard way...

1. Network unreachable error during IP tunnelling setup

Hi, I am trying to set up a VPN over Internet by connecting 2 private
ethernet LANs using IP tunnelling on Linux, and am having problem during
adding routing entries on Linux.

My setup is as follows:
Ethernet LAN in one location (network / 24) is connected to
Internet via a Lnux box running Linux Mandrake 7 kernel 2.2.14. The Linux
box is connected to Internet via cable modem (IP address 24.a.b.c), and IP
masquerading is on to share the internet connection with other computers on
the LAN, and everything works great.

I have another Ethernet LAN at another location (network / 24)
that is connected to Internet by same setup as above. The linux box has IP
address 24.e.f.g. Again, IP masquerading work great here, and I can ping one
Linx box from the other box.

I recompiled kernels on both Linux boxes with IP tunnelling and my new
kernel images work fine. As per the howto info. on IP tunnelling I found, I
input the following commands:

BUT, the second route add command gives me "SIOCADDRT: Network is
unreachable" error message, doesn't add the route entry. I have been trying
to resolve this problem for a while, but can't seem to determine what the
problem is. Can someone shed some light to my problem? Thanks in advance.

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