help: > 1GB discs => Kernel Panic

help: > 1GB discs => Kernel Panic

Post by Herbert Rosmani » Sun, 11 Sep 1994 09:22:37

hello, i have a problem with my disc (a SCSI HD)

    fdisk seems to forget the cyl/head/rec settings I enter from the
    "expert" menu. everytime i reboot and say "fdisk /dev/sda", it
    comes up with the values for this fields set to 0.

    no matter which values I enter for the drive, be it exactly 1GB or
    slighlty above 1GB (1.06244 GB), be it with cyls > 1024 or < 1024,
    (i.e. head=256, recs=32, cyl=256 == 1GB), i get a kernel panic:

    Kernel panic: EXT2-fs panic (device 8/1): read_block_bitmap:
    Cannot read block bitmap

can anyone help me out, or tell me where to look for more info ?

thanks, herbert rosmanith

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Hi all,

Newbie question (yet again....???)

In line with instructions given in the APC Linux Guide just tried to
get Red Hat 6.0 running on my PC and got the
following error (i.e. installation freezes there):

"VFS cannot open root device 08:12 - Kernel panic:VFS:
Unable to mount root fs on 08:21"

I also tried creating a boot disc (boot.img) and then running that
with the problem that the CD drive is not being recognized when
prompted to select the installation media.

PC is a Dell Pentium lll with a 27GB disc. The disc is partioned
(using Partition Magic) as follows:

C: primary, 7773 MB
  (Extended, primary : 19422 MB)
  Linux logical on Extended disc with 1427 MB and Swap with 133 MB
  D: Logical 8926 MB
  E: Logical 8934 MB

Could anyone point me to a FAQ page or help with above problem?

Thanks for your help in this matter.


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