loadlin 1.5 messes up ps/2 mouse from DOS?

loadlin 1.5 messes up ps/2 mouse from DOS?

Post by Timothy H-J. Y » Sat, 10 Dec 1994 03:42:50

I am running Slackware Linux version 2.0 with the 1.1.59 kernel
and XFree86 version 2.1.1. My hardware consists of an NEC Ultralite
Versa 33SL with 12 Mb RAM, a New Media Bus Toaster PCMCIA SCSI
adaptor and a 520Mb Fujitsu SCSI HD. The problem is with the
Microsoft Ballpoint mouse (ps/2 port).

I recently posted a cry for help because I was experiencing inconsistent
behavior with the Ballpoint mouse under X windows. Sometimes the mouse
wouldn't behave properly, sending the cursor flickering to the upper right
corner of the screen. Sometimes it would behave just fine.

I found the problem. I use the loadlin 1.5 utility to load linux. I
have it in my config.sys and also as linux.bat. When I warm (or cold)
boot to Linux through the config.sys statement (still using loadin 1.5)
everything works. When I jump to Linux using loadlin 1.5 from DOS, the
ps/2 Ballpoint mouse fails under the X Window system.

Although I have solved part of the mystery, I am a bit perplexed as
to why loadlin 1.5 is having such a subtle effect on my mouse. BTW,
when I encounter problems under X with the mouse, test-mouse also
fails. Any thoughts on this?
Dr. Timothy Yao
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