How to power off a PCMCIA slot?

How to power off a PCMCIA slot?

Post by Paul Ba » Sun, 27 Nov 1994 05:45:07

Under MSDOS on my WinBook XP, I'm able to power off my PCMCIA slots via a
command (e.g. CARDINFO /OFF:0 turns power off on the first slot). This
is great for conserving battery power without forcing me to remove my
PCMCIA cards when not in use.

Has anyone implemented something like this for Linux? I've looked at the
existing, excellent, PCMCIA support but I haven't seen this feature.

Thanks for any help you can provide. I figure the PCMCIA cards I have
are much safer installed in my machine than floating around in the
laptop's carrying case. I'd prefer to leave them in place permanently,
but I hate to impact the battery's charge when I don't need them.


Paul Bash