lilo give me an error 0x01???

lilo give me an error 0x01???

Post by Steven Drinovs » Wed, 18 Aug 1993 05:25:48

I just installed SLS 1.03 on my new SCSi drive and can't get it
to boot from the harddisk.  I can boot it from the floppy, and
I can still boot the old SLS1.01 from my IDE drive and msdos.
It gives me the error 'Error 0x01' and in the readme for lilo
it says you shouldn't get this but I am.

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1. Lilo 0x01 error

1. Linux is installed on /dev/hda(with lilo on the MBR) and has
been booted up fine. (with IDE-0 as the first boot device)

2. Win98 is installed on /dev/hdd and has been booted up fine.
(with IDE-1 as the first boot device by setting it up in BIOS. It is
physically on the secondary IDE slave)

3. The lines have been added to lilo


When I ran /sbin/lilo, I got a warning of BIOS may not recognize device

When I boot up with lilo(booting up from IDE-0), and choose win98,
I got the 0x01 error and the system doesn't move further.

I have disabled internal cache and DRAM wait burst which may cause
this problem. Any suggestion?

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