NEC CDR-210 SCSI CDrom problem

NEC CDR-210 SCSI CDrom problem

Post by Dave Dav » Wed, 27 Jul 1994 07:53:15

I am trying to control the audio play functions of an NEC CDR-210 CDrom
using a variety of user programs passing SCSI commands to the drive,
via a linux SCSI driver.  The local NEC information person tells me
that this drive is "Quasi-SCSI" which seems to mean that the commands
have a SCSI-like structure, but in some cases use vendor-specific codes
for certain functions and the bytes in the command are similar to but
not identical to the SCSI standard.

Some of the functions are working - some distributed in a patch to xcdplayer
(source unknown) - and a couple that I have added or fixed (some waits
seem to be essential between commands and status requests).  I _can_ play
audio disks, but cannot seek to arbitrary places in the disk.  I know this
can be done for I have observed it when the same drive is controlled by
an MSDOS utility.  In addition, CDromfilesystems mount and function

The Australian NEC people have provided me with as much information
as they can find, but this does not go beyond a list of command codes.
The command byte content remains elusive.  In particular I would dearly
love to know have to give the drive a CDROMPLAYMSF command (i.e. play
from a particular point in a track).

If anyone can help with information (or pointers to possible sources of
information) I would be grateful.


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I have just purchased a double speed NEC CDR-210 drive.  It is
recognized under dos and with the Adaptec 1540B firmware upon
boot.  It works under dos to the extent that I can 'cd' to directorys
and 'ls'.  However, under Linux I can't mount it at all and when I
try to boot a kernel which tries to mount it for it's root filesystem
it hangs.  Has anyone else had similar problems?  

Please email.

Thanks in advance.



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