ERROR 0x01 when ramdisk starts to load

ERROR 0x01 when ramdisk starts to load

Post by Timothy Gleas » Thu, 08 Sep 1994 00:59:36

        I have a problem that occurs when I insert the
root disk and press enter.  the screen displays the following
and freezes:
Loading ramdisk
Error 0x01

        I had linux installed before but I just got OS/2 and
fdisked may drive to boot DOS,LINUX,OS/2 but there is this problem
when I try to install.  Also another problem is that LILO seemed to
still run even though I formated the drive and setup the OS/2 Boot

        At boot
LILO boot: DOS


BUT NOW at boot

it says :

        And no 'LO' shows up and the PC is frozen.

So I can only boot with my DOS floppy.

        How do I get rid of LILO and the Error 0x01 when installing?
I think the 2 problems are related.

Tanks in advance.


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Hello, world.

I am having some problems with my slackware 1.1.2. I wanted to Linux this
morning (new verb), but my root filesystem came up as read-only. So I
tried to boot with the bootkernel to be able to edit some files on my
root-partition. But after I typed mount root=/dev/sda2, which is my
Linux root-filesystem, I get the message Error 0x08. After that it
continuously tries to boot, but the same error message appears.

Then I tried booting the ramdisk, but no results either. In fact, the
same error message appears. I really don't understand this, because I
installed Linux with the same bootkernel flop.

I anyone has any suggestions, thanks in advance.

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