SLS 1.03, FDC TMC880 can't partition scsi disk

SLS 1.03, FDC TMC880 can't partition scsi disk

Post by Nathan D. La » Sat, 25 Sep 1993 16:07:17

I've been reading this group for a few months (plus the FAQ's) and finally
took the Linux plunge (first on a spare parts PC, then I ditched my DOS

My configuration includes a 486DX33 w/AMI bios, 16MB RAM, Future Domain
TMC880 controller, Maxtor 7245 SCSI driver, Conner 162MB IDE,
Sony CDU541 CDROM and a 3com
3c503 board.

Everything has gone well on the install  even no clock tuning in X386,
except for my SCSI disk drive.  When I run "fdisk /dev/sda" it gives me
an impossible number of sectors.  It claims the geometry is 4 heads,
1944 cylinders and 72 sectors, which fdisk doesn't like.  (It is also
incorrect  these settings make the disk out to be 286MB, but it's only
a 245MB).  So, I changed the number of sectors manually to 60, which seemed
reasonable.  I made a large partition, then rebooted.  Upon reboot,
everything looks okay.  Then I did "mke2fs /dev/sda1"  looked good, until
I got massive numbers of bad sectors.  I then rebooted again, and my
partition was gone!  So, I tried running "fdisk /dev/sda" again and
fdisk told me that there was a SCSI read error on cylinder 0.  I checked
and rechecked the termination, cables (I had a bad one for awhile) and
I/O addresses.  There were no problems.  I rebooted again, reset heads/
cylinders/sectors and everything was okay again.  Ran the mke2fs again,
and it didn't work again (and my disk was thrashed again after the next
reboot).  I've also tried a CDC94155 SCSI disk and had similar problems
(but I got NO geometry readings out of it).  (My fdisk is 0.93, kernel
is 99pl12 and SLS is 1.03).

Am I missing something really basic?  I thought geometries for SCSI really
didn't matter, as long as one made sure it was smaller (or equal) to the
actual disk capacity.  I hope I didn't miss a FAQ along the way.  I've
got about 10 of them around and couldn't really find much useful.

Thank you for any information.

Nathan D. Lane, MIS Analyst and VP of Triicon Systems, Inc.

Making the Title Insurance World an Easier Place!


1. Fail to boot SLS 1.03 (99pl12) installed on SCSI disk

I have 2 IDE 116MB hard disk and one 1.2GB SCSI (BusLogic
B?-242B SCSI adapter card) hard disk on my 486DX-33. I have
installed SLS 1.03 99pl12 on /dev/hdb2 (90MB partition)
succesfully. I use MSDOS 6.0 + bootlin 1.4 to boot MSDOS or
Linux from IDE disk c:.

Recently, I installed a complete SLS 1.03 on my new SCSI (root
on /dev/sda4, /usr on /dev/sda8). But I could NOT boot this
installation neither form floppy nor from hard disk. The boot
procedure ended with VFS: kernal panic because it can not detect
a SCSI disk.

It seems the SLS 1.03 installation kernel does NOT support (my)
SCSI disk (although the install disk (a1) does support my SCSI
hard disk). So, I got a copy of 99pl14 and compiled it on my
/dev/hdb2 installation. Now, it recognizes my SCSI disk, I have
13 partitions on it, I tried to mount /dev/sda4, /dev/sda8 and
found every thing on them is OK. The only problem is the /dev
has only /dev/sda1 - sda8, I could not access the rest 5
partitions, /dev/sda9-sda13, which I planed to use as swap space
3 x 16MB and 2 for other OS's.

Then, I copy the zImage into a MSDOS partition and rdev it to
boot as /dev/sda4. Then I reboot, it always boots linux with
/dev/hdb2 as root (I did build this zImage on /dev/hdb2). I can
mount /dev/sda?, but can't boot the installation on /dev/sda4.
Both installations are from same SLS 1.03.

Q1: how to build /dev/sda9-sda13 if I can't find them in /dev ?

Q2: how to install a kernel (zImage) compiled on /dev/hdb2 for an
    installation on /dev/sda4? I did only "rdev zImage /dev/sda4",
    did I missed some steps?

Thanks in advance!


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