trying to install MS-DOS boot partition causes LILO error

trying to install MS-DOS boot partition causes LILO error

Post by Steve VanDevend » Thu, 10 Nov 1994 19:05:38

I installed a replacement for my IDE master drive tonight.  It is
partitioned into two Linux ext2fs partitions, one Linux swap
partition, and a small DOS partition.  LILO is perfectly happy to
install my Linux kernel and a backup into its boot table, but
when I try to add the DOS partition as an "other" entry in
lilo.conf and run LILO, I get these errors:

Boot other: /dev/hda4, loader /boot/chain.b
Device 0x0304: BIOS drive 0x80, 16 heads, 967 cylinders,
               31 sectors. Partition offset: 410688 sectors.
Device 0x0300: BIOS drive 0x80, 16 heads, 967 cylinders,
               31 sectors. Partition offset: 0 sectors.
Device 0x0300: Invalid partition table, 1st entry
  3D address:     1/1/0 (31)
  Linear address: 2/0/0 (1)

Linux seems to be perfectly happy; if I take out the "other"
entry in lilo.conf and just use LILO to boot Linux, everything

All I can guess is that I made some error in partitioning or
setting up the DOS partition.  The DOS partition is quite usable;
I can boot DOS from a floppy and installed DOOM and DOOM II on
the drive with no trouble.  Perhaps this is Linux's way of saying
how much it hates MS-DOS :-)


1. Having problems getting lilo ver. 3 to boot MS-DOS 4.01 partition.

        I have built and installed lilo 3 as my MBR under linux
version 0.97.  Linux boots beautifully from my harddrive.  I am having
a few problems booting dos, though.  I have MS-DOS version 4.01.  The
/etc/lilo/install program I created in step 7 of the README looks like


When I reboot either without pressing any keys or by pressing one of
the special keys (shift, ctrl, alt, scroll lock, etc) and selecting
"chain.b", I get a "non-system disk error", just as if I had tried to
boot with a normal (non-system) disk in drive A.  If I install on a
floppy disk (using '-b /dev/fd0' instead of '-b /dev/hda'), I still
get the non-system disk error, but when I remove the floppy disk and
press a key DOS boots without any more problems.

        Have I installed lilo properly?  As I said, Linux boots
without any problems both from the floppy and the hard disk.
/dev/hda1 is my MS-DOS 4.01 partition, I have linux on /dev/hda2
(root), /dev/hdb1 (/usr), and /dev/hdb2 (swap).  My BIOS is made by
DTK if that helps any...

        It will be great to be able to boot either Linux or MS-DOS
without any extra disks.

Bill Dieter.

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