linux 109 doesn't install right.

linux 109 doesn't install right.

Post by Lori A Jon » Fri, 16 Sep 1994 09:31:52

the subject heading was sort of deliberatly inflammatory - I'm at my wits
end.  I've had linux 1.0.9's (slackware) FS corrupt 7 times in 7
installations, either directly after the install or as long as 4 hours &
1 or 2 legal shutdowns.  before I go further:

386dx40, 4 meg ram, 2 40 meg ide hard drives (a mitsumi and a fuji), #2
being linux native (32 meg) and linux swap (the remaining 8).  there's a modem
on com2, MS mouse on com1, and an Oak 077 svga card. I've done nothing fancy
to the guts of my machine, in fact my version of bios really won't let me
change much (ami ~1991)  I suppose I should know, but I can't exactly say
what the chipset is, though I think it's opti.  

To continue:  after simple use, nothing more than running minicom or doing
some other very trivial program running (I don't yet know enough about
unix to go near the internals) I notice that files start acquiring strange
attributes.  directories turn into files (my /sbin was suddenly a file,
but had the contents of /etc/rc.d/rc.S as it's text) another directory
turned from drwxrw-rw into ?---------.  some files are reported as being
gigantic, as much as 300 gig.  Very soon, the device simply fails to boot,
or will only come on in read only mode.  

I saw one post that suggested it was possible for the swap partition to
overlap the native partition, but I checked w/ fdisk and mine apparently
does not (linux native going from 1 to 774, linux swap from 775 to 975)

once among my 7 installations attempts, linux didn't live complete long
enough for me to do the first shutdown (it  reported it couldn't run
/bin/su, which wasn't surprising.  /bin/su was 20megs, and no longer
executable in permissions.

I've been choosing the slow format on installing and get no errors (ext2)
and yet after the first shutdown, fsck starts reporting inode problems
like mad.

oh, a final pertinent fact, I haven't even installed anything beyond the
a disks in most of these cases.  


1. troubles installing linux 109

Can anyone tell me where I might be having troubles with the following
system?  I have installed slackware 1.0.9 eight times, once with the umsdos
filesystem, and everytime the file system gets corrupted in very short
order.  I'd bet it even starts instantly but that I don't notice until it
becomes much worse.

the system:
AMD386dx40 cpu, no math co
pc-chips chipset
4 meg ram
ami bios chips dated 1986 and 1989 (ver 2.11)
2 40 megabyte hard drives, a western digital(slave)  WD93044 and a
fujitsu(master) M2611T
14.4 pc logics class 2 fax modem on com2,
ms mouse on com1

drive c was left as dos, drive d was my linux-native partition (with 8
megs of that partitioned as 'linux-swap')

My perusal of the hardware faqs only told me that everyone has
concentrated on the larger hard drives, largely no ones knows about
smaller regular ide drives.  Any advice?

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