Clock info for Mag MX15F monitor?

Clock info for Mag MX15F monitor?

Post by Kevin Spous » Mon, 13 Jun 1994 07:41:41

I'm down to three hairs left to pull out and my teeth are like shards of
broken porcelain from gnashing them in an attempt to locate the manual
for my Mag monitor..  I recently built myself a new desk and I have a
sinking feeling I accidently pitched the manual out while "loading" the
new desk.  

I've read the HOWTO, the X FAQ etc and know what I need to do, but can't
seem to get the right info.  I've run the vgatest (or whatever that util
is called - excuse my poor mental state, I've got an 8 week old daughter
keeping me up at night) and the numbers it gives me don't seem to work.

I'm running an Orchid ProDesignerIIs (Yes, I've read the ET4000 stuff)
and even tried using the specified config file to no avail.  The monitor
is a Mag MX15F and is capable of 1280x1024..  I'd love to run X at
1024x768x256 if possible..  Is anyone else running this video combination
and if so, would you be willing to part with your working Xconfig file?

My 13 remaining brain cells would appreciate it.  :)


Clock info for Mag MX15F monitor?

Post by Kevin Spous » Tue, 14 Jun 1994 03:26:18

[Misc Xconfig whinings deleted]

Whew!  After pulling an all-nighter, I sit here in my nifty Xterm session,
running SLIP, happy as a clam..  Now for the next battery of questions for all
you X-gurus out here...

I'd like to create an .xsession file to start a few things for me instead of
having to fire off shells etc eveytime X is started.  I can't seem to find
any info on this file, other than a brief mention of it in the man page for X.

Since I log in as root, where does the file go?  In the /root directory?
(In other words, is the /root directory my home directory?)  What is the
format of the file?  Pretty much free form or is there a defined structure for

If someone could point me to a FQ/HOWTO/README that has a little more info, I'd
be more than happy to sit down and figure this one out too..

Thanks from a very tired, but happy X "pilot"


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