Difference Between ATI Ultra XLR and Ultra Pro/WinTurbo

Difference Between ATI Ultra XLR and Ultra Pro/WinTurbo

Post by Khanh L » Thu, 13 Oct 1994 01:51:01

In the UK is very hard to get hold of ATI cards, the only one that i have
managed to get hold of is the ATI Ultra XLR Mach64 with 2 Vram for 340 pounds.
Could some tell me the different between this ATI XLR, and
the other ATIs i.e the Utra Pro or the Win Turbo.
Or is the XLR just simply an older version of one of the above.



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My friedn is interested in buying Gateway 200 PC that has ATI Ultra Pro XLR
video card. Does linux support this card? Recently, Gateway have changed
their video card from ATI Ultra Pro to ATI Ultra Pro XLR card.

I also want to know whether 15 iches and 17 inches Gateway monitor can
be supported by linux. Thanks a lot in advance.

Kyuseok Shim

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