Slack 0.99.15: Problems getting started (probably easy)

Slack 0.99.15: Problems getting started (probably easy)

Post by Joseph Goo » Sun, 27 Mar 1994 02:24:34

Hi there.

Let me start by saying I am VERY new to the Linux game.

(In my best Ren voice)
"I know nothing...  An idiot, if you will..."

After struggeling to get Linux installed and finally somewhat working, I
have run into yet another problem.

I am running Slackware 0.99.15 with two Maxtor SCSI drives.
I recognizes my drives fine.  (that was tackled with problem one)

I partitioned everything fine.  I did the SETUP fine.  It installed all
the proper pieces.  It mounted my drives fine.  I could see all the software
there, and run it.

The problem occurs after I reboot and try to boot from the hard drives.

LILO kicks in as normal, but I get a msg like:

        VMS (VFS?): Mounted e2fs (read only)

It blips by so quickly that I couldn't see it clearly.  My <scroll-lock>
and <pause> keys have no effect.

After the msg that it mounts as read only, the whole thing starts to
fall apart.

I get all kinds of errors from syslogd that this is a read only system.

I checked my /etc/fstab and it says:

(nevermind...  I lost my note on that one...)

It didn't look weird.  I compared it to the /etc/fstab that the ramdisk
has and they looked the same.  The only difference was that the ramdisk
mounted the floppy.

The board that I got this from also told me that it was the most current
version.  But I've seen Slackware 1.1.n all over the messages here.
What are the big changes?  Too many to tell?

The board isn't very much help at all.  The only thing they would tell me
is to check my /etc/fstab file.. that's it.

Any help would be VERY appreciated.

If you could, please e-mail it directly to me.  I don't get on to read the
news much.  Delphi has only a 2400 connect here.. and that is tooooo slow
to go through hundreds of messages in the time I have to do it.  :)

Thanks again.

Joseph Good
Programmer / Technical Manager
Sanderson Data Systems


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