SEYON & ANSI-BBS graphics

SEYON & ANSI-BBS graphics

Post by Dick Verwe » Thu, 05 May 1994 17:14:26

I know i can use colors with seyon, but is there a way to let seyon display the
correct ibm/dos graphics used in the various BBSs. (Vertical & horizontal lines)




SEYON & ANSI-BBS graphics

Post by Buffat Ma » Thu, 05 May 1994 19:26:21

I use X11 fonts using ibm PC char fonts from the package LinuXinterDOS.tar.z
(You have to create new X11 fonts and then use it in the color_xterm
 of Seyon (to get the color ANSI emulation))
It was suggested by Rene Cougnenc in reply of my question in fr.comp.os.linux
        Hope it will help you

Here is the original reply (in French of course)

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Ce brave Buffat Marc ecrit:

Quote:> quelques problems avec des connections BBS qui utilisent les codes
> graphiques PC. Existe-t-il un terminal sous X11 ou un pge acceptant
> ces codes.

Il y a un package de fontes: LinuXinterDOS.tar.z, qui contient des fontes
pour X ou pour les consoles textes permettant de simuler un ecran MS/DOS.
(Jamais essaye, mais ca doit marcher, y'a pas de raison)

Quote:> Quels sont les softs de communication interessant sous Linux ?

"Define interessant."


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I'm looking for a telnet client that can correctly display ANSI.  I have
Gnone-telnet (latest for Red Hat 7.1) which correctly displays color,
but the old DOS extended ASCII characters do not display right.  I've
tried just about all of the built-in terminal emulators that comes with
it, no luck.

In a nutshell, I'm looking for a Linux telnet client that can do some or
all of the following:

1.  100% CORRECT BBS ANSI terminal emulation (this is must).  I hate
crappy linux telnet bbs emulation!
2. Built-in Zmodem file transfers (like SecureCRT for Windows has)
3. SSH (would be nice)
4. Allows me to maintain bookmarks of my favorite telnet sites (like the
old dialing directories) So far, have not found any client that does
5. Preferably has a nice GUI front-end (GNOME or KDE).

I just can't believe this kind of application does not exist yet, but my
searches on google have not been too fruitful!

Is there a special character set I have to install on linux before the
extended ascii characters will show up?  If so, how do I do this and
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