DOSEMU 0.53 pl 27 problems

DOSEMU 0.53 pl 27 problems

Post by Richard Huvenee » Wed, 26 Oct 1994 19:17:39

Hi all,

I experience the following behaviour of DOSEMU 0.53 pl 27 running under Linux 1.1.54:

1. When I use the line "video { vga }", everything works ok, except of course that I'm not able to use any console specific features.
2. So I change to "video { vga console }". Using this Linux locks up completely, leaving me with a blank screen and I can only reboot my system (console switching is not possible).
3. So I thought, perhaps DOSEMU must know about which graphics card I have before I can use the "console" directive (although this is nowhere documented). Since I have a Trident 9400, I change to: "video { vga console graphics chipset trident memsize 1024 }" and DOSEMU boots up nicely after my video card bootup message.
But now I cannot switch virtual consoles. When I try to do so, Linux hangs again.

I tried everything I can think of:

- I disabled all BIOS shadowing in my CMOS
- I tried the video_file directive in combination with getrom
- I disabled all nice features od DOSEMU like xms, ems, dpmi etc.
- I tried with and without raw keyboard

I was unable to get any debugging output, since it's not written to disk just before a hang.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



1. DOSEMU 0.53_41+ console switching problem

After updating my dosemu from 0.53_40 to 0.53_41 console switching stopped
working. All the versions from patchlevel 41 to 44 at least seem to have
the same problem. If I try to switch the console with Ctrl-Alt-Fx while in
dosemu, the screen just goes blank and nothing will get it back. At least
Ctrl-Alt-Del still works after that... Also, when starting up dosemu the
starting banner is messed around the screen, and after exiting dosemu the
screen goes blank but comes back after a console switch. 0.53_40 works fine
with all this.

The problem seems to be somewhere in the et4000 VGA mode setting/restoring
in libdosemu0.53pl41 and above. At least the banner printing in the beginning
seems to believe that the screen is still 100 chars wide although it really
is changed to 80 (I use 100x40 linux consoles).

I have a 486/66 with 24Mb, Tseng et4000/w32i rev b card with 1Meg DRAM, and
Linux kernel 1.1.90.


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