remote login to SLS 1.03

remote login to SLS 1.03

Post by Richard Wood » Thu, 19 Aug 1993 04:05:28

Could someone tell me the files I need to edit to allow remote serial
login via modem and allow root logins? Also which directories they reside in?

1. SLS 1.03 pl12 can't display remote X

I was able to solve my own problem, about 10 minutes after posting for
 help . (It's suprising how often that happens -- it's true that posting
to the net will solve your problem.)

In case it will help anyone, here's the saga --

1)  Something was broken in the SLS 1.03 version from the middle
  of August. No combination of ifconfig and route commands gave anything
  except Network unreachable.

2) Following a hint from the net, (from J. Scott Farrow,

   I reinstalled with the latest version
  (Aug 30, I think).  Now for the first time I got different and less
  boring error messages.

3) Following the NET-2 how-to, a detailed set of instructions posted by
   Linus, and some guesswork I discovered that my network isn't
   x.x.x.0, but x.x.0.0.  Using that, and issuing ifconfig and route
   commands by hand, I was able to get telnet and ftp working.

4) After playing around with security on my Vaxstation I was able to
   get the linux box to display on it.  I thought I was home free.
   But I couldn't get Linux to display X from the vax.

5) After looking everywhere I could think of, I posted the cry for help.
   While in the news reader, I tried a search for all subjects containing
   " X ".  Among them I found a note from  

    which pointed me at the correct Xserver, and from

   who said " ...setuid your X server to root..."
  and it all worked.  Seeing my images show up on the 486 was a real
  treat.  Thanks to all who helped, and to the Linux community in general
  for producing a very nice package.

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