kernel 1.1.91 compile error

kernel 1.1.91 compile error

Post by Michael R. Gi » Thu, 09 Mar 1995 12:49:04

when I try to compile my kernel with qic-117 support, I get
the following error

ksyms.c: 280 - initializer element for symbol_table[140].addr is not constant

does anyone know how to fix this, or if it is fixed in a newer version of the

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1. Kernel change summary 1.1.91 -> 1.1.92

These changes are archived on and  I cannot answer
questions about Linux -- I merely summarize the kernel patches after
reading them.  I try to make them useful to everyone, but kernel
hackers should take them with a grain of salt and read the patches
themselves.  I'm not going to bother summarizing the Sparc, m68k, and
Alpha architecture changes until the respective port is working.

Remove selection from i386/
Don't worry about SONY CD errors when there's no caddy inserted.
Misc fixes to the SONY CDU-535 driver.
Selection, virtual console and console character set mapping code
        split out into its own file.
Shift state handled differently in keyboard handler.
/dev/vcs added to control the virtual consoles.
TIOCLINUX 0, 8, and 9 ioctls removed -- use /dev/vcs.
PIO_UNIMAPCLR PIO_UNIMAP GIO_UNIMAP ioctls added for Unicode mapping in user space.
EATA/DMA driver (1.17.00) now disables DEBUG_RESET by default.
        Register a board even if it does not assert DMA protocol
        support (DPT SK2011B does not report correctly the dmasup
If we're removing the last SCSI host registered, it's safe to reuse
        its host number (avoids memory holes at boot time).
Give SCSI CD-ROMs 50% more time to spin up.
UltraStor 14F/34F (1.17.00) now qualified to run with 32 sglists.  DEBUG_RESET
        is disabled by default.
File locking removed dependency on file descriptors. dup()'ed file
        descriptors now get the same locks as the original file
        descriptors, and a close() on any file descriptor removes ALL
        the locks on the file for the current process. Since locks
        still depend on the process id, locks are inherited after an
        exec() but not after a fork(). This agrees with POSIX, and
        both BSD and SVR4 practice.
/proc/array updated for the new page_dir scheme from patch91.
Serious changes in the memory management code.
Proxy ARP now works for the whole network.
Fix ETH_P_ALL echoback lengths.

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