GW2K CrystalScan 1024 NI

GW2K CrystalScan 1024 NI

Post by Gregory John Ga » Fri, 08 Jul 1994 09:38:45

I am looking for help setting up my Xconfig file for my Gateway2000
"Family PC" (486/66).

Unfortunately the computer did not come with very much technical info
on the monitor and video local bus.

This is all I know:

        Monitor: CrystalScan 1024 NI
                 Video Horizontal Refresh: 31.5 - 48.0kHz
                 Vertical Refresh 640x480 : 60 or 72 Hz
                                  800x600 : 72 Hz
                                  1024x768 : 60 Hz (Non-Interlaced)
                                  1280x1024 : 43.5 Hz Interlaced
                 VGA Mode Refresh Rate: 60 Hz

        Video : On-Board VLB
                Chipset: clgd5428 ( Cirrus )

If anyone has a decent Xconfig, I would really appreciate it.  I am using
a terrible interlaced mode right now.

Thanks for your help.

Greg Gage


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