Newbie needs confirmation

Newbie needs confirmation

Post by Chen Elvis » Mon, 27 Mar 1995 04:07:41


        I am new to Linux (in fact, I havn't use it at all), and I plan
to devoet my summer to install/learning it.  But before I do that, I
would appreciate some confirmations about my hardware:

        Mitsumi 4x IDE cd-rom (slave on secondary IDE channel)
        WD 540 hd (master on primary IDE channel)
        ATI win-turbo (MACH 64 w 2mg VRAM) vl
        Promise 2300+ EIDE controller card
        SoundBlaster AWE32 sound card
        ASUS Intel dx2-66 green motherboard

I need to know whether these hardwares are supported directly by the new
kernel (1.2.0+).  I have been reading the newsgroups for several days
now, and it seems to me that some people are having problem with at least
one component of the above hw.

I plan to get the new slackware from sunsite.  It would be nice if all my
hardwares are supported without additional patches.

thanx in advance,



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