Which large drive to get?

Which large drive to get?

Post by Limno-Tech In » Wed, 11 Jan 1995 14:21:38

I am looking  for a large IDE drive to replace the one that just crashed. I
am not necessarly looking for a EIDE drive (since I have an integrated IDE/SCSI
P/S card). I would go SCSI if I could get the linux to recognize the controller
before it loads linux(I have tried). Can you get not EIDE 1G drives? or can
you use a EIDE drive w/o an EIDE contoller? Does linux work well with EIDE?


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i have an external scsi raid box that looks like 1 large hard drive
(actually 2)
it is mapped to a single scsi id, but 2 seperate luns (0,1)
the lun 0 drive is 35Gbytes and the lun 1 drive is 70Gbytes
i am running redhat 6.0 with smp ("standard" kernel 2.2.5-15smp)
i have an ext2fs on each and don't have any problems
except that they are so large a mount (at least in rw mode)
takes a long time, and an fsck takes a REALLY long time

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