LILO and *LOST* /hda1 --- HELP !

LILO and *LOST* /hda1 --- HELP !

Post by Dirk Eddelbuette » Sun, 17 Apr 1994 23:01:34

I installed yesterday mcc 1.0+ whic went so well that I was to little
prudent at the very end and asked lilo to modify my DOS MBR on /dev/hda.
The disk is lost now --- neither DOS nor LINUX want to talk to it. As I
did not modify anything on the disk (apart from the dd if=boot.301
of=/dev/hda trials), I should be able to reconstruct the MBR.

The system is as follows
/dev/hda /hda1 104 Mega DOS
/dev/hdb /hdb1 100 Mega DOS
         /hdb2   5 Mega /
         /hdb3  50 Mega /usr
         /hdb4  Extended to rest of disk: 150 Mega
         /hdb5  16 Mega swap
         /hdb6 100 Mega /home

Help would be greatlt appreciated.


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i recently brought my linux system down by doing some stupid thing.
i went as far as having no choice but to reset the system a few
times. after that, i tried booting win95 (sorry this beast coexists
on my hard drives). upon getting the wallpaper on screen, the screen
went blank and there was no response. then i rebooted the computer
and this time the lilo prompt was changed from "LILO: " to "LI"
and the system hung. i had no emergency boot disks ready (it was
under work at that time) but i did have a boot disk for win95 and so
i got the dos prompt with that. however, many directories were
not readable, one of which contained a comm program that i needed to
use. i turned to my good old 386, made a rescue disk and somehow
managed to get into linux again. now everythings works fine under
linux with booting from a floppy but i can't figure out how i could
fix the supposedly damaged MBR. i tried restoring the old MBR by
'lilo -u' and 'dd if=/boot/boot.0300 of=/dev/hda bs=446 count=1'
and reinstall lilo but it didn't work. by restoring the old mbr,
i get a message like 'insert system disk' or something, and by
reinstalling it, i get the "LI" prompt again. the lilo.conf file
is as follows.

# timeout=600

i still can mount win95 filesystems and i think everything is readable,
if that matters. help, anyone please?

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