NEED HELP: Network & 0.99.13/14

NEED HELP: Network & 0.99.13/14

Post by Andreas Bus » Thu, 02 Dec 1993 03:49:42

Hi there !

Please apologize if I ask a FAQ. I haven't upgraded
my system since summer this year and therefore still
have 0.99.10 and net-2 running.
Although I had some trouble with the net stuff,
it behaved good enough and quite reliable, so I
finally decided to use this box as our News/Mail/Archive/Fax/FTP
and-so-on server in our office.

Now I would like to upgrade to 0.99.13 or, perhaps
even better, 0.99.14. I have successfully installed the
new libs and includes (4.4.4) as well as gcc-2.4.5.
Kernel compilation worked fine too.

BUT: No more networking. All I get is:

        network is unreachable

Can please someone tell me what has changed and
what I probably made wrong ?
I left the net stuff as it was, it still works
with 0.99.10 !

Please give me some hints !
If possible mail me since I am *extremely* busy
and have no time to scan thru all the news.

Many thanks in advance,

        Waldorf Electronics GmbH        | Phone:  +49 (0)2636-80294
              R&D Department            | Fax:    +49 (0)2636-80188



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