rlogin to SCO - no echo

rlogin to SCO - no echo

Post by Peter » Sat, 29 Oct 1994 02:24:43

Hi, gang

Upgraded from 1.1.57 to 1.1.58 and suddenly rlogin to SCO boxes results in
no echo. Telnetting into these boxes do not have that problem and running
a 'w' shows that the rlogin sessions exist. Rlogin to SunOs and AIX boxes
present no problem. Never had the problem before 1.1.58.

Let me state for the record that I am no SCO fan but I have to take care
of them as well.

Funny thing tho' is that after I rlogin into a sun and from there rlogin
into SCO I get the same problem. Perhaps I need some education on rexec.

The solution would really be appreciated.

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