Linux Activist Channels not responding?

Linux Activist Channels not responding?

Post by Timothy Demare » Wed, 26 Oct 1994 10:12:20

Does anyone know if the linux-activist channel(s) are working?  If so, how
long does it take for the automated response to arrive?  I have sent a few, but never get the daemon's help feedback...

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1. alt.uu.comp.os.linux.questions list.linux-activists.kernel list.linux-activists.serial list.linux-activists.problem-reports list.linux-activists.question

Problem: 8 Port Serial Card with one IRQ for all Port does not work any longer
=======  with Linux 0.99.13 (worked with 0.99.10)


I have a strange Problem with my MOXA 8 Port Serial Card - it used to work
fine with 99.10 - all 8 ports were detected automatically without any changes
to the Kernel.

With PL13 the card is not detected at all. I tried to track down the Problem
and compiled the IRQ (9) into the driver. Now the 16450 Chips are found with
correct Adresses.

Since I am able to send out characters on those 8 tty's - but not to *receive*
any, I assume that the problem is with the Linux Interrupt Handler.

Could somebody give me a hint or explain to me what has changed to IRQ
handling since PL10 ?

Thanks in Advance,

Frieder Loeffler (DG1SEK), Allmandring 20c03, 70569 Stuttgart-Vaihingen, Germany
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