Help 3c505 ethernet cards

Help 3c505 ethernet cards

Post by Patrick Sulliv » Fri, 20 May 1994 21:54:47

Has anyone out there had any luck with the 3com ethernet plus(3c505)
ethernet card I've just installed the current (as of 17 May 94) release
of slackware and have had no luck in installing the drivers. some details
  recompiling the kernal gets a "no rulset for creating 3c505.o" error
I have uncommneted the line in for the 3c505, have downloaded
Craig Southeren's 3c505 driver, and placed the drivers in
/usr/src/linux/drivers/net. is there any mods I have to make to CONFIG or
the Makefile's?? do I need to get the i82586 socket software??
 I have read the ethernet howto and the installation and net
administrators guide as well as the net-2 howto and haven't really seen
anything applicable..
 I am a hardware type and do admit my C is a little weak.(took a couple of
course a few years ago and never really used it). I don't care if the
system gets fried a couple a times but I have a bunch of these boards and
would really like to use this box on the net.
       any help you folks could give me would be gratefully apreciated

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1. Ethernet (3c505) problems with slackware 2.3.0, Please help.


I am a sysop of a bbs in New Orleans and am putting upa Linux server.
I've installed succesfully using the latest slackware progs with the
scsinet #1 kernel.   I am using an adaptec scsi controller on IRQ 11
DMA 6, and a 3 Com 505 ethernet card using address 0x300, IRQ 9, DMA
5.  During boot up the system seems to be looking for an  NE*000 card,
but doesn't find it and therefore the rc.i1net1 script bombs.  I am
trying to avoid recompiling or making the kernel and would appreciate
any help.  Also, i should mention that the scsi card was detected and
is working find, so that shouldn't be an issue.


Rusty Camus

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