HELP w Compile Defines

HELP w Compile Defines

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: My question is where can I get info on Compile time Defines?
: I've installed Linux and XFree86 on an internal IDE drive.It was easy
: to set up and everything is working FINE. Isn't life great!
: I can mount SCSI drives with the LILO boot command:
:       LILO boot: linux aha152x=0x340,11,7,1
: My SCSI card is the SoundBlaster 16 ASP/SCSI-2
: I'd like to recompile with a compile time Define so I won't have to
: type the boot option each time I start! (from SCSI-HOWTO)
: If there is an easier way please enlighten me!
: I've been a UNIX user, but am new to Administration. Please point me
: to a HOWTO or Good Book which has the steps I need.
:   Thanks in Advance and THANKS to ALL who've brought us LINUX!!!


1. gcc #define #define #define

Simple. There are several standards designed to alleviate
porting pains. ANSI C, POSIX, X/Open are the major ones.
As long as your program adheres to the above standards it
is easily portable. E.g. for most Xlib and/or Motif programs
it is only required that you need a different makefile
because of various include and lib directories. In fact,
Linux is one of platforms that provide both BSD and SysV
library calls and other features. Try to write or port
something to/from SunOS to IRIX then you will see what all
those #ifdefs are all about. :)

Let me find an example to back up my point: I write a
program and I need to find a way to zero out a memory
area. I found several library functions that can do that,
bzero() and memset(). I look at the bottom of the man


memset() CONFORMING TO SVID 3, BSD 4.3, ISO 9899

Now it is obvious that it is better to use the latter.

Unless, of course, I misunderstood you. What exactly are
you dealing with where you have problems with lots of #ifdefs?
Then maybe me or someone else can provide you some more
specific assistance?

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