Accessing SCSI Tape From Slackware Intall Disks!

Accessing SCSI Tape From Slackware Intall Disks!

Post by Lawrence Houst » Mon, 01 Nov 1993 14:57:44

I had hoped to be able to access my SCSI Tape Drive from Slackware's Install
Diskette, but I seem unable to!  Accessing once Linux 0.99pl13 is installed
works, but NOT from the bootdisk?  Also tried Slackware 1.0.2, 1.0.3,
and 1.0.5 (plus the new rescue disk), but they all failed!  Patrick's
"README_KERNEL_SPECS" claims both "SCSI support" and "Ssci tape support" have
been compiled into the bootdisk, so I am lost as to why it is not working!
Can anyone provide some suggestions on this item (I was going to do full
System Backup/Restores using this setup, ie. without the harddisk actually
being the running system)?


1. Basic Debian intall; installing Slackware optional disks?


I wanted to install Slackware onto my PC and downloaded a lot of the
Slackware disks. However, my PC doesn't have enough memory (yet) to
install Slackware. I browsed around and found out that it's still
possible to install the Debian distribution with only 4Mb of real RAM.
So I got a little eager to install Linux and didn't want to wait until I
got my hands on sufficient memory. I downloaded the base Debian disks
and installed.

So now I have a computer running the basic Debian distri of Linux, and a
lot of disks with optional Slackware installs.

What is the easiest way to install the stuff on those disks onto my PC?

From the INSTALL.TXT that goes with Slackware, I gather that it has a
setup program that you can use to install things from those disks. If
that's correct, how can I get this setup-program installed on my
computer from the basic Slackware disks? I suppose it's somewhere on the
disks A1 - A9 but I don't know where or how to find it.

If I can't get a setup program to install packages from the extra
Slackware disks, then what is the best way to get things installed?
Are all the files independant tar.gz archives? Where can I find clues
about where to put the files from the archives?

If it's really cumbersome then I suppose I better wait until I get the
extra memory in my computer and install Slackware from scratch, removing

Having downloaded so much, I don't feel like downloading everything
again but only in a different format! <g>



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