Multiport cards, ISDN cards and terminal servers for Linux

Multiport cards, ISDN cards and terminal servers for Linux

Post by Luis Miguel Sequei » Wed, 08 Jun 1994 22:07:41

Flame me at will for _not_ having read the FAQ(s)... :-)

I'd like some  info about brands & models  (and  prices!) of Multiport
cards and ISDN cards that   are "guaranteed" for   use with Linux  :-)
Eg. this also means: where are those device drivers...? :-)

I'm in Europe, I need EuroISDN cards. :-(

Finally, I'd also be glad to hear about any experiences using terminal
servers with a Linux box.  Technically speaking, there  ought to be no
problems (eg. connect it to the Ethernet  card and let it fly...), but
there  are always those   minor  quirks...  If  you happen  to  have a
terminal server  supporting ISDN (yes, there are  a few  ones), let me
know about it!

I want to be able  to connect my Linux machine  to an array of modems,
using POTS initially, but I'll probably upgrade  to ISDN when I'm rich

Uh, and please email me back. Flames too :-) I don't have time to read
this  particular newsgroup (correction: I  _have_ time to read it, but
if I did, I had to quit work! :-) ).

Am I asking too much? Sure I am! :-)

Thanks, and sorry for the loss of bandwidth,

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Thanks for your advice.

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