Avance ALG2301 card and XFree 3.1

Avance ALG2301 card and XFree 3.1

Post by Chris Turn » Mon, 12 Dec 1994 03:00:01

        Having just pruchased Slackware pro 2.1 on CD and completed the
  installation, inlcuding kernel 1.1.59, I am having trouble with configuring
  XFree to work with my graphics card. Details are:

  Avance ALG2301 Graphics Accelerator for PCI bus
  ALG2301 PCI graphics accelerator chip set
  ALG3105 clock generator

  I have installed the XF86_SVGA server, and it will run my card at 320x200
  with the chipset in XF86Config set to 'generic'.

  If I run X -probeonly, it provides the following information:
    chipset: generic
    videoram: 64k       (I have 1024K on the board)
    clocks: 25.18

  Is there a specific server for this card?
  Am I using the wrong server?
  Help! I can't tolerate 320x200 (and besides I can't access all the menu

Thanks in advance,

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1. Avance Logic ALG2301 Video Card

I have one of the above mentioned cards and have a question:
Can I run it, in a resolution of 640x480, with or without a virtual
resolution, in 16 or 24bpp. I find 8bpp very limiting. Under Microsoft
Windoze, I can run in a choice of resolutions including: 640x480x24bpp,
800x600x8bpp and 1024x768x8bpp. I have 1MB Video DRAM. Would it help to
remove my current 1024x768 virtual resolution?

The ALG2301 has been removed from production by Avance, and is in effect
"retired", although XFree 3.2 does have support for it. I am running
RedHat Linux 4.1.

Monitor Timing Info:
Resolution    Vertical Freq.     Horizontal Freq.
640x480           73                  37.8
800x600           72                  48.1
1024x768          60                  48.4

 All Resolutions are VESA SVGA (at least, thats what the monitor manual
calls them). The monitor is unbranded, and simply has UltraScan written
on the front, and is called an XGA Colour Monitor (how helpful :))
All frequencies are in Hertz. Under Windoze, I used a utility, provided
by Avance, called ASCAN, which could be used to set scan rates. Is such
a utility available for Linux, or can I use XVidTune, which I haven't
tried yet, for fear of blowing up my monitor.

Timing Info for ALG2301:
Resolution    Vertical Freq.     Horizontal Freq.
640x480         60, 72, 75         31.5, 37.5, 37.5    
800x600         56, 60, 72         35.5, 37.5, 48.8
1024x768             INFORMATION NOT AVAILABLE

Under Windoze, I use a scan rate of vertical refresh frequency of 70Hz
at a resolution of 800x600 in 8bpp colour, or a refresh of 75Hz at
640x480 in 24bpp.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Please reply via email, and in the
newsgroup if you feel your message would benefit other users of the

Richard .H. Smith
London, United Kingdom

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