Help: DOS partition lost!

Help: DOS partition lost!

Post by Weiping Hu Materia » Sun, 10 Oct 1993 14:52:58

I may have made a * mistake: I cannot boot my dos partition and cannot
access it under Linux.

What has heppened is I was playing around with the LILO program.  At first I
couldn't get the lilo working, i.e., I couldn't get LILO when I boot from
harddisk.  Then I edited the very first line of the 'config' file in the
directory /etc/lilo.  I changed

boot=/dev/hda6   !  my Linux partition


boot=/dev/hda1   ! my dos boot partition (a great mistake? )

and then I ran lilo.  After this I was able to see the LILO prompt and could
use SHIFT, TAB or ALT keys to get the os menu.  Linux boots up fine but when
I choose to boot DOS, it ignored and continue to boot Linux.  I shut down
the system and rebooted but still couldn't boot dos.  I was sweating now.  

Then I got out my note and found the someone said that you can remove the
Linux signature (or whatever it is) from the boot disk by issuing the command


so I booted dos up from floppy and did it.  Unfortunately it didn't help.  I
also tried to access disk C: from within Linux with no luck: no MSDOS file
system found on /dev/hda1!  

Question 1: Is there anyway to recover my dos partition?
Question 2: What have I done (dangerously) wrong?

Please help!!!



1. help - lost dos partitions while installing linux

befor i started i had:
win95 on the first primary partition,boot manager, and 250M free space
before an extended partition
on the extended partition i had a linux swap partition and ~1gig slackware
linux; another 1gig free space; 3 dos partitions; 2 hpfs partitions;1 more
dos partition; and another 500M free space

during suse install i deleted the 2 linux partitions, then the install
prog. asked if it should install on the 2 gig of free space, i say yes,
the install program attempts to create a swap and root partition and then
reports a mke2fs error. after this my dos and os2 partitions are gone.
anyone know if i can recover these? since i don't think they were
formatted can i create partitions exactly where they used to be and be
able to recover the data?

thanks for any help

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