Init / Getty / Serial FAQ Prob

Init / Getty / Serial FAQ Prob

Post by David's Amazing B » Sun, 20 Mar 1994 00:47:09

I want to try and let users dial in to my system.  I am using the latest
release of Slackware downloaded from Sunsite combined with software loaded
from the Yggdrasil [sp] CD ROM.  (Where do they come up with these names?
The Yggdrasil manual promises to tell you on a certain page, but they
seem to have forgotten to write it :-( ).  My problem is that both the
Serial FAQ on the CD and the one downloaded from Sunsite use a completely
different format for the inittab file.  Mine starts up like this:

# inittab for linux, poeigl 1.6
# Format:
# ttyline:termcap-entry:getty-command

# Set up the virtual consoles
tty1:con80x60:/etc/getty 9600 tty1

In addition, there is no directory /etc/defaults for the getty definitions
as explained in the FAQ.

What happened?


1. init: can't exec getty '/usr/libexec/getty' for port /dev/ttyv0:

In my new job, I have inherited a FreeBSD Box. To physically check out
some hardware I performed a Shutdown (can't remember the exact arguments
used now).

At restart, kernel processing appears to proceed without problems, until
the system somewhere during init, it apparently can't find getty. A
typical error report line looks like:
Jan 16 23:58:13 init: can't exec getty '/usr/libexec/getty' for port
/dev/ttyv0: No such file or directory
From this point, every 30 seconds the system constantly attempts to
execute getty.

And I can't get any response past this point. No keystrokes seem to do
anything, no tty devs of any kind seem to be in place. I can't RCMD from
another box anywhere.

I can reboot to a startup floppy (made with the boot.flp using fdimage),
but as the prblem seems to be a missing file (getty) I can;t get much

I can get to the holographic tty4, but can't do much there either.

I can restart in single user mode, but that puts the system into
read-only mode and so I can't even see the /usr directory and files.

Any help appreciated......

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