This dip script redials

This dip script redials

Post by Vincent Fati » Mon, 03 Oct 1994 03:57:20

I didn't bother to pretty this up, or to remove all the stuff that deals
particularly with me, my computer, and my SLIP server; nor did I make any
attempt to make this script the least bit generic. The redialing part
is quite simple and straightforward. Note that not getting the waited-for
BUSY generates a dip I/O error message which seems to hurt nothing. Timing
may be an issue for some since dip must be finished waiting for BUSY when
CONNECT arrives.

Around here, attempts to make a SLIP connection sometimes fail for reasons
other than BUSY (like getting a poorly configured modem on the other end),
so I run dip from a little tcsh script like the following:

        while ( "`ifconfig | grep sl0`" == "" )
          rm /var/spool/uucp/LCK..cua2
          dip -v /root/Comm/slip.dip
          sleep 2
  get $mtu 296
  get $remote
  port  cua2
  speed 57600
  parity N
  databits 8
  stopbits 1
  send ATZ0\r
  wait OK 2
  send atdt4431320\r
  wait BUSY 14
  if $errlvl == 0 goto redial
  wait CONNECT 30
  if $errlvl != 0 goto error
  wait sername: 30
  if $errlvl != 0 goto error
  send vefatica\r
  wait ord: 10
  if $errlvl != 0 goto error
  send PASSWORD\r
  wait DIAL> 200
  if $errlvl != 0 goto error
  send slip\r
  wait is 10
  get $local remote
  if $errlvl != 0 goto error
   print CSLIP to $remote with address $local
   mode CSLIP
   goto exit
   print SLIP to $remote failed.

Vince Fatica


1. DIP script quick redial?

My script that I wrote for a DIP loggin onto a dynamic SLIP connection works.
And it can handle busy signals (which anyone can tell you is the commonest type
of signal at U of I). I implement it as something like:

dial 333-3700
wait CONNECT 30
if $errorlevel != 0 goto redial

So, if it get's a busy signal, it has to wait 30 seconds before redialing!
This is WAY too slow.
I've tried a bunch of stuff, like making it wait for BUSY, and if there WASN'T
an error, looping up again, but that didn't work for some reason or other. And
the wait CONNECT has to be 30, or else it might give up before a real
connection is finished setting up.

I love DIP and think it's a great program, adn didn't have too big of a head-
ache getting it to work, but I'm kind of anoid that I can't get it to redial

There MUST be a way.
So, is there?
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