WIll Linux support Sony CDU33A on SoundBlaster at 0x220?

WIll Linux support Sony CDU33A on SoundBlaster at 0x220?

Post by Terry Carro » Tue, 11 Oct 1994 05:31:27

Greetings.  I have a new Blue Lightning system that I'd like to make sure
can run Linux with access to the CD-ROM.  The CD-ROM is a SONY CDU33A,
attached to an AZTECH sound card that is purportedly SoundBlaster-compatible.

The only Linux I have right now is the BOOT and ROOT disk from a friend,
made from the "CD" and "COLOR144" images.  This is Linux 1.2.0 according
to the messages received at boot time.

I receive a number of error messages looking for the CDROM, to wit,
"Trying to detect a SoundBlaster CD-ROM drixe at [address]" where
[adddress] is 0x230, 0x250, 0x260, and 0x270.  It did not find the CD-ROM.

When I run the soundcard's CONFIG program under MS-DOS, it tells me that
the port address for the card is 0x220, and IRQ is 5.

I read the CDROM HOWTO, which suggests booting with "linux
sbpcd=0x220,SoundBlaster"  When I tried this, I received the response "No
such image.  [Tab] shows a list."  By pressing TAB, I found that the
acceptable images are ramdisk, drive2, and mount.

On a hunch, I tried "mount sbpcd=0x220,SoundBlaster".  This time, I
received the same messages, except that 0x220 was also listed in the
"Trying to detect" messages.

I'm only playing with this now, but I'd like to assure that I will be
able to run Linux on this machine, and that it will recognize the
CD-ROM.  I have some 30 days to return the entire system if I'm
unsatisfied for any reason, and I want to do that if I can't use the CD
in Linux.

I should point out that I'm a newbie's newbie.  This is my first
Intel-compatible machine, and I have never run Linux before.  By
background is in mainframes, and until I bought this machine, my main PC
was an Amiga.  So please be gentle with me.

Thank you for any and all responses.

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Any suggestions?


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