TeX -> dvips -> gs -> DOS -> dj500: printer hangs

TeX -> dvips -> gs -> DOS -> dj500: printer hangs

Post by Randolph G Bro » Thu, 19 Aug 1993 22:31:27

Yes, I have read the printer FAQ.

I cp the output of gs to a dos floppy, which I then take to my
parent's dos box and try to print.

When I try to print the document, the printer prints a few lines, and
then hangs (with the busy light still on).  I have tried the SLS
binary with DEVICE=deskjet, and I compiled from sources and used
DEVICE=djet500.  Both experince the same problem.

I thought, hmm... could be that DOS/Unix crlf problem, so I tried
sending control codes to the printer setting it for more Unix-like
behavior.  No change.





I have a 10 GB UDMA IDE drive formatted with Windows.  The first partition
is FAT32, and the second is NTFS.  I can successfully mount the first, but
not the second.  Any ideas?

Suse 7.2 on i86
the drive is mounted on /dev/hdc, and I CAN see hda1, but not hda2

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