Help playing audio CD's on my CD-ROM drive

Help playing audio CD's on my CD-ROM drive

Post by Doug Le » Fri, 15 Apr 1994 11:56:00

I have a Sony CDU-8002 SCSI CD-ROM drive that works with both my Adaptec 1542
and my PAS 16 SCSI cards.  I can mount ISO9660 disks fine using either
interface, but I can't seem to get audio CD's to play.

Under DOS (sorry) I can mount CD's and play audio CD's just fine.  This works
whether I connect it to my Adaptec or PAS 16 - but only under DOS.

I understand that this drive (aka CDU541) is not fully SCSI-II compliant, but
since it can obviously be made to work in DOS, I figure somehow I should be
able to make it work under Linux.

Thanks in advance to any help, and email resposes would be appreciated.

| Douglas Lenz   |   Friends don't let friends use MS-DOS   |



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I am having trouble getting Audio CDs working on my machine (K6-2 500,
running Mandrake 7.0). I can use CD-ROMs without a problem, and I can
play mp3 files without any problem either (so, yes, the sound is
conencted up). When I insert an audio CD the machine cannot find any
tracks on the CD, and so therefore cannot play the CD.

Using Win98 I can play audio CDs without any problem, so it must be a
software problem, right?

Any help appreciated.


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