Bootdisk problem

Bootdisk problem

Post by Lancelot M » Sat, 15 Oct 1994 12:34:50

I just intalled Slackware 2.0.1 into my Gateway 4DX2-66 w/ 1 420MB and 1 730MB hrad drive. The problem I have was when I tried to boot linux from the bootdisk it created during installation, it can't detect my second drive where linux is on. I have this same problem when I first install it, but it was easily overcame by using that ramdisk hd=??,??,?? . I know somehow I have to do some similar thing to my bootdisk, but how?

The other problem I have was with LILO. It just stuck with LI after bootup. If I have not remember incorrectly, someone said it is because I have define both disk geometry in lilo.conf , but I have to do that because the kernel can't detect my second drive. Please help!

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1. Bootdisk: Problems with large root filesystems (and thus ramdisks)

I just created a bootdisk (which runs without problems), when I realized
I wanted to have a larger ramdisk (the ramdisk didnt magically grow
when I created files on it as I expected from "ramdisk.txt").

So I just made my root-filesystem larger (12Mb) and (as it is
compressed), it still fits nicely on the floppy disk.
But while linux is still loading the image from disk, I now get pages of
error messages stating:
end_request: I/O error, dev 01:00, sector 8684
end_request: I/O error, dev 01:00, sector 8685
end_request: I/O error, dev 01:00, sector 8686

after that, the system still seems to work fine at first.
But after a while of working on the ramdisk (you can provoke it by
writing a 2Mb file), it starts again (only varied by different sector
numbers) and usually ends with a kernel panic.

The kernel ouput reads as follows:
Kernel panic: EXT2-fs panic (device 01:00): ext2_read_inode: unable to
read i-node block - inode=1505, block=8197

My configuration:
- 2.0.30 Kernel
- compressed ext2fs root file system
  (configured like described in the bootdisk-howto, 4. Advanced Bootdisk
- the error prevails on different systems (AMD K6-200, 64Mb - Pentium90,

If anybody knows either why all these error messages come up just by
enlarging the ramdisk/root-fs or knows if there is really something like
a automatically resizable ramdisk (which would solve my problem, too),
please E-mail me.

Thank You,
Stefan Schonger

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