Can Linux read Sun 3.5 Disk?

Can Linux read Sun 3.5 Disk?

Post by AI Gro » Thu, 01 Dec 1994 07:29:15


Hope, pray, that this is not a FAQ!  Any input? Can it be done?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Ron Shapiro


Can Linux read Sun 3.5 Disk?

Post by hoover dav » Fri, 02 Dec 1994 02:18:37

Can Linux read Sun 3.5 Disk?

Using tar directly to the device /dev/fd0, I never have any problems.
Suns can also write msdos compatible disks (which linux can read with
the msdos filesystem), but I think tar is easier since it allows
longer filenames.

Dave Hoover


1. Reading a 3.5" floppy on a Sun

When I want to read a PC file on a 3.5" diskette on my Sun, I type:

        mount /pcfs

and I'm all set.  I can now do a LS /PCFS and I can get a directory listing of
my disk, etc.

I just received 3 disks in the mail that were TARred to from an HP workstation.
The problem is that when I put the disks in my PC, the PC can't read them.
When I try reading them on the Sun, I get a FILE I/O error when I execute the
MOUNT /PCFS command.  I'm a Unix novice, but something tells me that the MOUNT
/PCFS command is telling the Sun that I'm trying to look at a PC-formatted
disk.  How can I read disks that were tarred by an HP on a Sun?

Any help would be appreciated.

Stewart Pelegan
Computer Sciences Corporation
Fax: (301)921-0985

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