Need help w/ DIP and connecting at modem speeds over 14.4K

Need help w/ DIP and connecting at modem speeds over 14.4K

Post by Ted Milkovic » Sat, 18 Mar 1995 09:24:36

I am trying to use DIP and a 28.8k modem to complete a SLIP connection
at 28.8k.  I can get a connection at 14.4k (I force the modem to
connect at 14.4k). When I try to connect at 28.8k or let the modem
connect at the highest speed available, it doesn't work.  The modem
just makes a lot of varying tones, but will not connect.  The modems
and lines on each side are ok.  Any ideas?  BTW, I do have a 16550
chip on the serial port.  Would using setserial help?  Your help
is welcome.  Thanks for your help in advance.  Could you reply

Ted Milkovich


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I am using DIP as my dial-up script.  I am having problems connecting at modem speeds higher than 14.4K.

Any ideas?

My configuration is:
80486, 1.5 gig, 32 meg RAM, MultiTech Multimodem 28.8K (I've tried two different 28.8K modems.)

Problem - I am trying to force it to connect at 28.8.  It will dial out, I can hear the handshaking, then it starts
with tones and hangs.

I welcome any ideas.  BTW, thanks in advance for your help.

Ted Milkovich

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