setting up a SMTP or POP3 server

setting up a SMTP or POP3 server

Post by mani » Sat, 26 Jan 2002 00:57:47

i would like to know that is it posssible to setup a SMTP or POP3
server on a single PC which is not connected to any network ? i have
to do this so as to test my email client program.
if yes then how to set up them ?
any answers will be appreciated.
thank u.

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Hi all -

I want to set up an SMTP / POP3 server on RH Linux 8.0.
I have POSTFIX and the IMAP packages installed. As I am
perusing the documentation for both, I have some questions...

My setup requires that my host will accept mail for three
different domains. I have configured DNS for my domain(s)
so that is the MX for,, and

My questions are:
When I am creating email addresses/mailboxes for users, do they have to
be actual users that I create on the Linux host, or can I just
create phantom mailboxes?

Can I tell POSTFIX that it can send mail for pop3 clients
without creating an open relay?

Thanks in advance for sharing your advice / experience -


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