Slackware linux installation problem.

Slackware linux installation problem.

Post by Adrian Park » Wed, 08 Feb 1995 02:15:16

I spent last night downloading the basic bits of the Slackware Linux
system..  I got the bare.gz, color144.gz, rawrite.exe, sets a ap d.
I went through the process of creating the two boot disks, and went
throught the tiresome repartitioning of my hard disk..  my system is :-

       Cyrix DX2 66
       514 mb HD
       4 mb memory
       vga screen

I made the dos partition 250mb.

So I booted from the linux disks, all was happy, it said it was version
2.1.0 (if that makes a difference)  and eventually got to the login

I then logged in as root, and ran fdisk to create the swap disk...
which I added as /dev/hda2 +16m type 82.   I then created the linux
partition as /dev/hda3 +150m.   wrote this info away with a w and
it finished and was happy!

did the following...

   mkswap -c /dev/hda2 17??? (No of blocks taken from fdisk p option).
   swapon /dev/hda2

all happy!

Then I ran setup..  and went through the options, setting keyboard to
uk, source as floppy, object as /dev/hda3, selected the a ap and d sets to
install, and started it off.   all ok for a while, but then I keep
getting cd and chmod errors all over the place.  is this what normally
happens, is something wrong, is there any way to fix it ?  is there
a newer version ?


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1. slackware linux installation problem


i was wondering if someone could shed light on a somewhat strange problem i'm
encountering while installing slackware (or at least, trying to).

basically, i'm installing slackware 3.4 (kernel 2.0.30) from one partition on
the hdd, which is running win95 - fat16 though. i run fdisk, create a linux
partition, then attempt to run setup. when i specify the source of the
installation (/dev/hda1, /slakware) it has a message come up quickly which
doesn't pause for me to see, though i've managed to do it enough times to
get the whole message :) basically it (ln) says it can't make a link from
/usr/adm/mount to /usr/adm/mount/mount. (actually the first time it says
it says something to the effect of: "vfs: can't find ext2 partition on ..."
and some number.) then when i try 'install' to actually install the files,
it has another screen of text which i think is the same output as i get when
i try to run pkgtool from the prompt manually, which basically says before
you run pkgtool you must mount a linux partition.

i'm not exactly a linux newbie, i've installed it once or twice (never with
this problem). i have tried different disks in case of stuffed boot/root
disks. that's what makes it all the more frustrating; i have no idea what it
could be, even though it's most probably a simple problem. i've even tried
installing it from another small hdd i have, which has dos on it.

i'm not sure if installing from a tcp/ip network would be very difficult? if
i don't find a solution quickly, that could probably be a simple solution..
(that is, if it's easy to do of course :) though if it's anything more than
trivial i probably wouldn't know how to do it.) - i have win95 on this
machine and another, which are networked. of course this machine having 95
is of no consequence when installing linux, but anyway..

anyway any help is appreciated,


            daniel lo presti (aka turrican of cloudnine records)

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