Relisys monitor prob?

Relisys monitor prob?

Post by Joan Ti » Thu, 08 Sep 1994 04:30:52

I'm configuring my first Linux system after a long love-hate
affair with Coherent, and wondered if this had happened to

I started Linux ok, installed to harddisk from the Yggdrasil
CD, and was starting up X.  My vidcard is a trident 8900d, and
I specified "tvga8900c" for X, same as I'd done under the
XFree pkg with Coherent (successfully), and just pressed
ENTER when asked for clock timings.

The monitor is a Relisys RE-1520 super multiscan color, purchased
in 1991.  According to the docs, it supports 1024 x 768
resolution.  When X started, the screen was excessively dark,
and it looked "squashed" in the horizontal dimension,
the 'console' window very green, and suddenly there was a loud
buzzing sound, then the monitor unit went dead, no power at all.

I shut down and connected an MGC XGA monitor, re-IPL'd the system,
and it came up and has been running fine with no software
changes, X plays ok, etc.  

I'd been using this monitor for the last three years for command-line
Coherent, very rarely running X, or any other graphics application
other than vgif.  

My question is: should I just consider this a normal failure of
a unit which is a year out of warranty, get it repaired and try
again, or is there a known incompatibility operating here?  I can
live with the Relisys on my DOS machine, I just don't want to
re-fry it (!)

Any help appreciated:)



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I need specs on a Relisys RE1422 monitor. I got it used, so the manual
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I have the Slackware Pro 2.1 CD disk set, I puchased from ACC, and
was able to get most of the info I needed from the book (the video
card), but now am stuck at the monitor. There is a file under
/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/doc/Monitors that lists a lot of monitors, and
oddly enough I found an entry for a Relisys RE1564 in there, so
on the off chance, I plugged those numbers in, but the system really
didnt like it...

Many thanx

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