problem with Archive 2150S and 150MB tapes?

problem with Archive 2150S and 150MB tapes?

Post by Stanley Qu » Sat, 23 Apr 1994 07:13:08

I'm having trouble with using slackware 1.2.0 and Archive 2150S.
I can't get tar to read any 150MB tape cartridges.  60MB tape
cartridges work fine but tar gives a read error when trying to
read a 150MB or 250MB.  The tape drive works under DOS.  Using
a DOS aspi driver and gtak, I can read and write 150MB or 250MB
cartridges.  Is there some mt command that needs to be issued
to set the density of the tape?  Any info would be appreciated.

Stanley Quan


1. Problem with Archive 2150S SCSI Tape Drive

        This is my last hardware problem:

Whenever I try to tar files to my SCSI Archive 2150S streamer,
with the command:

                tar -cvf /dev/st0 /

the tape runs all the way to the end of the tape and it hangs
there without apparently writing any files or reversing. It
is as if the tape runs to the stop and then just keeps trying to go.
I cannot kill the tar process or anything else. I have to turn off
my machine and reboot.

        This tape unit works fine under Windows 95 using the
program GTAK, a Gnu tar program.

        Is this behavior familiar to anyone? I am at a loss for
what to try.

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