Xconfig and Compaq CDS 924 / Presario 140

Xconfig and Compaq CDS 924 / Presario 140

Post by Scott Bixl » Sat, 28 Jan 1995 06:34:58

Could someone please help!

I just purchased a Compaq CDS 924 Presario with the 140 monitor so I
could run Linux. My problem is that I can't get my video to run under X.
When I set up my Xconfig file and run it, my screen goes into a 800x600
mode, splits in two and sqwigles (sp?).

I am new to Linux and would be VERY grateful to anyone who might be able
to help me. SuperProbe reports my video card as:

Cirrus Logic

My monitor is the Compaq 140.

Thanx in advance,


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Has anybody converted a Compaq presario 924 into a Linux Box?

Presently I have one with Win95 OSR2 installed with the original 524 MB
Connor? HDD. with 24 mb RAM which I am thinking of installing Linux RH 6.2

AS the presario is different in having its "BIOS" as a partition on the HDD
itself and so I guess things would be a bit different.

I would probably install a bigger HDD (6GB Quantum).

Does f anyone has any tips/things to watch out for.


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