NNTP News & Local News

NNTP News & Local News

Post by Steven Bani » Wed, 11 Jan 1995 23:44:28

Is it possible to use an NNTP server for Usenet newsgroups, yet still have a
local news setup readable to the NNTP configured news readers? Ie. They
would use an NNTP connection to read normal newsgroups, but local newsgroups
specific to my system they could access?


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1. INN/nntp - news server for internal news?

I want to set up an internal news server at work, not
connected to a usenet feed. The docs for INN say that
I don't need to read the docs if I'm not going to connect
to usenet.

        Well then how do I set up my own newsgroups,
is INN not a news server and I am barking up the wrong
tree or is INN a newsserver and the setup obvious?

Thanks Joe


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