fdisk crashs; any ideas???

fdisk crashs; any ideas???

Post by Owain Philli » Thu, 17 Feb 1994 21:45:16

I just had a go at installing slackware 1.1.1 last night then fdisk
crashed and spoit what was going to be a great evening....

My System is...

    486DX2-50, 8-Meg DRAM
    Micropolis 1578 disk (target 0)
    Caliper CP????? (target 2 )
    An 8-bit Future Domain Compatable SCSI controller (950 chip I think)

bootdisk comes up AOK finds both SCSI devices AOK;
partion check sees sda:sda1 AOK

The disk has a 200Meg Dos partition on it currently.

rootdisk comes up AOK, I log in and try to run fdisk....

   #fdisk /dev/sda

   scsi6: heads=15 cylinders=2100 sectors=84 total=26460000 formated=262
   and cylinders,
   You can do this from the extra functions menu.
   You must set heads sectors.

   command (m for help):p

   Device  Boot  Begin  Start  End   Blocks  id  System
   /dev/sda1       1      64  395199 197568   6   DOS 16-bit>=32M

   floating point exception


Any ideas???
From what fdisk displays, it looked as if some of the info that it meant
to display was missing and maybe it was trying to get me to do something
else before I could go and try to display the current partition table???

Maybe I'll have to delete my DOS partions before trying to do the install
but I really wanted to avoid having to do that.

I would be very grateful for any help.



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My trouble is that I can't seem to get fdisk (on the boot disk) to
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I tried to install Linux with MCC 0.99.p10+ being my release. The
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During booting, it says (amongst other things):

SCSI: No Hosts
Detected 0 SCSI-disks total

and fdisk complains:

Unable to read /dev/hda

and similarly for /dev/xda and /dev/sda.

Greatful for help...


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